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Radiant Wellness Conclave 2024
Honoring Heroes, Celebrating Legacies
India’s Biggest
Wellness Event
10 August 2024
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RWC 2023
India's Biggest wellness event
India’s Biggest
Wellness Event
16 September 2023
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A Radiant Life

Revolutionizing Lives: Radiant Wellness Conclave, Empowering Your Lifestyle!

With deep-rooted values and genuine compassion, the Radiant Wellness Conclave serves as an oasis of health and happiness, extending an invitation to embrace wellness and create a culture of caring and compassion that enriches lives across the city.

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Radiant Wellness Conclave
September 15, 2023 

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The Team

The people behind the idea
and the execution

Past Events

Brief glimpses into the successful past editions.


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Our Mission

RWC's positive impact extends through CSR efforts in Destitute Management

Driven by its core values and compassion, RWC is a wellness oasis, fostering a culture of caring and enriching lives throughout the city.

Our Speakers

9 Aspects of Wellness: Outstanding Speakers Enhance Understanding

THE Awards

Radiant Wellness Conclave:
Inspiring Success Stories

RWC’s Conclave addresses the holistic concept of wellness, embracing nine
interconnected dimensions to empower individuals toward their full potential.

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Our Ethos

9 Dimensions of Wellness

Radiant Wellness Conclave: Empowering holistic well-being, addressing nine interconnected dimensions for individuals to reach their full potential.The Conclave addresses these needs to shape proactive individuals in managing their lifestyles to reach their full potential.

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For event-related queries
Taj Coromandel: 37, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Tirumurthy Nagar, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034.

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How You Can Help

Urban Wellness, an urgent concern today, finds its platform in the Radiant Wellness Conclave. Here is how you can participate and be a part of  India’s Biggest Wellness Event.


We invite you to participate in the event, let it transform your Wellness journey, and learn to live a holistic lifestyle.


Inviting speakers to deliver power-packed motivational lectures on one of the nine dimensions of Wellness.

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How You Can Help